Here’s the second of three parts of the Shizuoka Hobby Show event. At this event, the latest in plastic model technology is displayed in the form of new plastic models. If you missed out on the first highlights article, you can view it here!


For the Patlabor section, there will be a new model kit based off the new Ingram design from THE NEXT GENERATION – Patlabor. The 1/48 scale Type 98 AV Ingram is set to release in September for 3,240 Yen. The older model kits of Ingram Mark 1-3 from Mobile Police Patlabor would also be re-released on 30 May 2014.

new ingram Ingram rerelease

Youkai Watch

Four new releases from the hit children anime series Youkai Watch were shown at the event! Bushi Nyan and Kyuubi will be retailing on 28 Jun 2014 for 864 yen while Koma-san and Koma Jiro will be retailing in July for 864 yen as well. The show seems really interesting, so have any of you watched it before?

bushi nyankyuubi   komas

Majin Bone

From the currently running anime series Majin Bone, two new kits will be releasing soon! The Fire Devil and Tiger Bone will be releasing on 28 Jun 2014 for 2,160 yen each!

fire god tiger bone

Little Battler eXperience

From Level 5’s LBX series comes upgraded versions of two of the most popular character from the first two LBX series: Achilles II and Emperor M3/M5! Achilles II will be releasing in July for 1,620 yen and Emperor M3 (M5 conversion model) in August for 1,620 yen.

achilles 2 emperor m5


The ever popular Pokémon is set to get new plastic models as well! MegaLucario and MegaCharizard X will be appearing in plastic model forms on 28 Jun 2014 and July respectively, going for 1,026 yen. A bundle set will also be releasing in July from the upcoming Pokémon the Movie XY featuring the new legendary Pokémon Diancie! You can choose to get a bundle with either Xerneas and Diancie or Yveltal and Diance in July for 1,296 yen!

lucario charizard x    diancie

One Piece

With the Chopper Robo set finally complete in May, the One Piece model kit series returns back to the Great Fleet collection but not without one more special surprise. The Chopper Robo 1 Chopper Tank will be getting a 7-11 variant color in Japan for 864 Yen. Cotinunig the Great Fleet collection, the Baratie set is to be released in July for 1,728 yen.

robo 1 711 baratie

There would also be two anniversary models to celebrate the One Piece Anime’s 15th Anniversary. The Thousand Sunny 15th Anniversary version will be released in August for 4,104 yen and the Great Fleet collection Thousand Sunny 15th Anniversary version will be releasing in July for 1,944 yen.

thousand sunny big thousand sunny small

Space Battleship Yamato 2199

A big release is scheduled for July as the 1/1000 Great Gamilas Imperial Army Selgut Class 1st Space Battleship Domellers III is set to retail for 12,960 yen! As for those who have already bought the 1/500 Yamato 2199, there will be an expansion set coming on 21st June for 3,240 yen. The cute 1/12 Analyser will also releasing on 21st June for 1,728 yen! In the Mecha Collection line, the Lambea will be retailing on June 21st for 432 yen.

Yamato 2

Here is the schedule for the following three months in the Mecha Collection line.  We will be seeing Deusla the 2nd in July. August will be Lasco class and Kukurkan class and finally September the Nazca class will be releasing. All of these will be retailing for 432 yen!

Yamato 1

And we are done with part 2 of the Hobby Show highlights! In the last article, we will be seeing the Premium Bandai content for the upcoming few months!

Image Source: Digitamin