For the month of May, there seems to be a lull period for Gunpla, with only 2 Gundam Unicorn kits and 2 add-on parts while focusing on releasing more varied Bandai model kits from One Piece and the currently airing show based on a Bandai card game, Majin Bone.

10th May 2014


HG Build Custom 1/144 Skull Weapon

A weapon set with a similar theme to the Crossbone Gundam Maoh. It comes with a skull themed booster as well as a variety of weapons with the skull motif and arm joint parts.


Builders Parts HD Non Scale MS Cannon 01 and MS Launcher 01

A non-scaled weapon upgrades parts for builders. The MS Cannon 01 set comes with 2 cannons, 2 foot missiles and 2 grenades. The MS Launcher 01 set comes with 2 launchers, 2 swords and 2 sheathes. The sets are molded in gray color.


14th May 2014


HGUC 1/144 Kshatriya Repaired

The refitted version of the Kshatriya set to debut in Episode 7 of Gundam Unicorn. It has a giant booster propellant tank that is one of the biggest in the HG series. Its left arm has a Hyper Beam Javelin and its right leg has a machine gun.



SD Gundam BB Senshi 391 Unicorn Gundam Unit 2 Banshee Norn

The Banshee Norn makes its debut in the SD line! It can transform from the Unicorn mode to the Destroy mode. It comes with a new set of arms with a bendable elbow and new chest psychoframe parts. It also comes with a newly made Armed Armor DE and XC just for this kit.


24th May 2014



Chopper Robo Unit 3 Chopper Submarine and Chopper Robot 4 Chopper Drill

From the Chopper Robo series comes the Chopper Submarine and the Chopper Drill! You can combine all 5 parts to create the Giant Chopper Robo, 2 sections can be combined as well. It uses the touch gate for easy removal. It also comes with a variety of Chopper face stickers and you have 2 swappable head parts. These two units form the arms of the Giant Chopper Robo.


31st May 2014

Debuting on 31st May is the new Majin Bone series. Each kit is made with a touch gate and runner lock for easy construction. The joints are made in such a way as to create free movement and really cool poses. Each section can be easily replaced with different armors to create your own unique fighter. They also all come with special effect parts.


Majin Bone 01 BF Dragon Bone

The first in the new Majin Bone line comes the Dragon Bone. The Dragon Bone has a unique right arm with a special Dragon mold and the entire armor has a dragon gimmck.


Majin Bone 02 Shark Bone

The second in the line is the Shark Bone. It has a really streamlined body like that of a shark and it has really sharp features.


Majin Bone 03 Leo Bone

The third in the line is the Leo Bone. Sporting a lion gimmick, it has its own custom shield part as well as a unique cape.

There we have it for the month of May. Doesn’t seem to be much in terms of Gunpla this month. I do want to get the Kshatriya Repaired eventually, seeing that I already have the normal Kshatriya. The Majin Bone looks pretty cool though! I’ll have to watch the series before I plan to invest in it. Seems like I’ll be trying to catch up on my backlog this month!

Are you guys setting your sights on any of these this month? Which one?

Source: Bandai Hobby Site