Miss Sazabi 4

Debuting from Gundam Build Fighters, after finally breaking free from the clutches of Team Nemesis thanks to Iori Sei and Reiji, Aila Jyrkiäinen is now able to truly enjoy Gunpla building and battling.  She decides to build a new gunpla during the Gunpla festival which would turn out to be the Miss Sazabi, which I will be reviewing today. Let’s check it out!

Looks 9.5/10

Miss Sazabi 1

Its most striking feature is that of its sleek structure. Unlike the massive, overbearing Sazabi, the Miss Sazabi is more sleek and refined. I never thought I’d see a slim Sazabi! I do like this redesign a lot. For those who have built Sazabi before or like the Sazabi itself will also notice how parts of Miss Sazabi’s design has the original Sazabi parts used in other portions of the body. You can feel really feel the customization in this kit thanks to that which really adds to its uniqueness. The colors of the kit are also in Aila’s colors and the crown on its head is a nice touch too! One of the best redesigns in the series.

Articulation 9/10

Miss Sazabi 6

The joints used in Miss Sazabi is the exact same as the Sazabi in the arms and legs areas so don’t expect a huge increase of motion. However, due to the now sleeker legs, the legs are able to move in a bigger range of motion so Miss Sazabi is able to do more dynamic poses compared to its original counterpart. The boosters at its back also have a vast variety of motion and the shoulder joints are more free thanks to its new shoulder parts. It can do pretty much all of the poses it has in the TV show!

Weapons 8/10

Miss Sazabi 2

It comes with the standard pair of two beam saber effect parts which can be used on its Beam Saber or it legs (ala Aegis Gundam). It has the Sweet Sword as well, a customized Sazabi Tomahawk which also emits another beam axe from the side which also doubles as Miss Sazabi’s gun. Last of all is its Sweet Shield which is taken from the original’s skirt area which houses Miss Sazabi’s beam saber. I like the originality of these weapons that makes both the Sazabi and Miss Sazabi two unique monsters on their own.

Fun Factor 9/10

Miss Sazabi 5

Even if you have built a HGUC Sazabi before, you’ll mostly come into building this kit a new experience. Even though a number of the runners may be from the original Sazabi, it has enough new pieces  coupled with some old Sazabi parts in new areas of the model that makes it a fresh enticing building experience. It was truly enjoyable to have built this kit and I’m only a little sad that I didn’t built this earlier and it didn’t have more screentime in the TV show!

Extras 7/10

It comes with quite a number of spare parts unused from the HGUC Sazabi which I don’t think you can really use but hey, free parts are always nice! It also comes with the same HG stand like the previous Qubeley Papillon. I really appreciate the addition of a stand to display the kits airborne, something not all model kits do provide. It doesn’t have much in the way of additional parts however.


Overall: 8.5/10

Looks: 9.5/10
Articulation: 9/10
Weapons: 8/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Extras: 7/10

Miss Sazabi 3

A solid, updated Sazabi from the Gundam Build Fighters line, it is probably one of the best models from the line that uses the currently existing Gunpla molds as its base. Sporting an entirely fresh look with more cool colors, Miss Sazabi is a great gunpla to have in a Build Fighter fan’s collection or any other. If Aila fans have to only get one Gunpla from her 2 choices, I would recommend Miss Sazabi.