Turn X 1

The elder brother unit of the Turn A Gundam, Turn X finally gets the MG treatment. A mobile suit created by humans who have migrated to other systems for intergalactic travel, this particular Turn X was probably malfunctioned or damaged and drifted to the Earth. It was a very powerful mobile suit in its era only matched by the Turn A itself. While originally lacking the cross mark on its chest, it got the scar due to its fierce battle with the Turn A Gundam. So, how does this model kit match up to current MG kits? Let’s find out!

Looks – 10

Sporting a pale green frame with a dark blue backpack, the most striking feature of Turn X is its asymmetrical shape. From head to feet, each section feels a little different than the other half. I think that’s what makes it really outstanding. The designer, Syd Mead of Blade Runner fame, also mentioned that it was his best design in the entire show and I can attest to that. I really feel its one of the best from the show and one of the best amongst all of the Gundam franchise! It has stickers to display the kit with its eye glowing or not and its chest with the glowing parts (aka Moonlight Butterfly) and not.

Lastly, it really has that “Alien mobile suit” vibe going on for it as well, very befitting of its backstory coming from another universe. The Turn X is one of those memorable Gundam designs many will never forget.

Turn X 3

Articulation – 8

Most model kits with transforming sections will usually suffer in this category, and thankfully the Turn X only has a few shortcomings. The Turn X has the Bloody Seige mode where it splits up to nine different sections akin to funnels. In doing so, the arm joints are split and due to that, the joints in that area suffer a slight decrease in normal MG articulation. Nevertheless, it still manages to bend its arms well. Other than that issue, most of it joints are able to articulate just as well as any other MG kit. Its “feet” area doesn’t have much lateral movement due to the design of the suit but no issue there as that is how the suit was designed in the first place.

Turn X 5

Fun Factor – 10

As I mentioned earlier, this kit is asymmetrical. While certain parts do look similar, you’ll know that both limbs will have slightly different construction that the other, which freshens the experience cause it can get a little tedious building the same hand and leg again. Thanks in part to its unique design, it also has a unique build design only slightly similar to the Turn A Gundam, so you’ll be in for an interesting build experience that you have never experienced before. It also has stand parts to display the kit in its Bloody Seige mode which is really useful since it has so many separated parts to be held up.

Turn X 4

Weapons – 8.5

Most of the Turn X’s weapons are mounted on its also asymmetrical Carapace Weapons Platform, which also doubles as its backpack. The weapons mounted are the 3-Tube Missile Launcher, Bazooka, Beam Rifle and Hand Beam Gun. While you would rarely see those weapons being used in the show, it’s a nice mix of weapons albeit some that could use a little more color variety. Of course, our favorite weapon of choice is the SHINING FINGER!! via its fusion destruction manipulator, which also comes with its own unique beam saber mode effect part! The destruction manipulator has a great array of poseability as well. However, it does lack the grappling wire part. It also has mega particle cannons built into the kit, which can be seen when displayed in the Bloody Seige mode.

Turn X 2

Like the Turn A, Turn  X also has the dnagerous Moonlight Butterfly system….but Bandai once again chooses not to give effect parts to display it with its most destructive weapon.

Overall Score: 9

A mobile suit definitely worthy of the title “UNIQUE” in all aspects, sporting a design like no other has, and have yet to come close. The Turn X also happens to be a long-awaited fan favourite mobile suit design that fans have requested for a MG kit, and Bandai does not disappoint at all. Fans of Turn A Gundam will definitely want to put this into their collection. I would also recommend any Gundam fan to get this as well as it would definitely be a standout design among your collection! Let’s just hope your Turn A and Turn X doesn’t get into a fight and repeat the Black History again!

Turn X EX2