The anime adaptation of Takeshi Azuna’s hit otaku teacher manga, Denpa Kyoushi: He is a Ultimate Teacher (yes, that is no typo, that really is the title), is making some big changes as a leaked magazine scan from this week’s Weekly Shounen Sunday has revealed that Rena Matsui from the idol group, SKE48, will be voicing one of the main characters, Suzune Kagami, the little sister of the male lead, Junichirou Kagami.

denpakyoshi01b (1)

Suzune was previously voiced by Kana Asumi (Nisekoi’s Marika Tachibana and Working!!’s Popura Taneshima) for some of the manga’s previous animated TV ads. The addition of Matsui to the cast is part of the changes in the anime’s staff, which includes the casting of Hiroshi Kamiya (Attack on Titan’s Levi) as main character  Junichirou Kagami instead of Daisuke Ono (Black Butler’s Sebastian Michaelis) who was Junichiro’s seiyuu during the TV ads.

Joining Hiroshi Kamiya and Rena Matsui are rising seiyuu star, Sora Amamiya (Asseylum Vers Allusia in Aldnoah.Zero) who will play Minako Kano,  an ex-delinquent turned aspiring seiyuu ,Suzuko Mimori (Nanami Momozono in  Kamisama Hajimemashita) who will play Hiiragi Kayami, the principal at Ichou Academy where Junnichiro works and Saori Ounishi (Hisako Arato in Shokugeki no Soma) who will play the student council president at Ichou Academy, Makina Momozono.

The anime will follow Junichirou Kagami, a genius who just happens to be an otaku/NEET. His sister, Suzune, just happens to be fed-up with his current lifestyle that she forces him to use his talents to be a teacher. It will be directed by Detective Conan’s Masato Sato and animation will be produced over at A-1 Pictures. Denpa Kyoushi: He is a Ultimate Teacher will premiere on 4 April 2015

Image from: ANN