At the start of the month, fripSide made their final stop of their 2014-2015 tour at Yokohama Arena. The arena was met with excitement as fripSide announced their future projects for this year.

Firstly, fripSide will be singing the opening theme song of 「Future Card Buddyfight」. The new song, 「Luminize」 will make its appearance in the anime series on the 11th of April on TV-Aichi. The song will be released as a single in May 2015.

future card buddy

Secondly, fripSide will be releasing their a new compilation album, 「fripSide PC Game Compilation Vol.2」. fripSide has been in charge of many PC game opening theme songs for the past few years, and this compilation will include favourites like 「Fortuna on the sixteenth night」, 「Hesitation Snow」 and  「Sword of Virgin」.

As most of you know, fripSide is making their appearance at AFA Thailand 2015, performing in the “AFATH 2015 I Love Anisong Concert” on 02 May 2015 at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center, BITEC.

fripSide announced during the concert that they will be making solo appearances in concerts at Hong Kong in July and Taiwan in August. Overseas fans can now look forward to watching fripSide live in 3 different countries if unable to travel to Japan.

afath fripside

Last but not least, they made the crowd roar with joy when they announced the next Japan tour, which will be commencing in Sep 2015. The concerts will be held in hall-capacity locations, in 8 cities: Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka. The locations and dates will be announced in the future.

fripSide consists of a duo, composer and synthesizer Satoshi Yaginuma and vocalist Yoshino Nanjo. They performed at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 I Love Anisong Concert back in Dec 2014, performing their most popular hits from the anime “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun”, as well as their latest single “Black Bullet” and other songs from their album, Infinite Synthesis 2.

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