wug movie

During the recent “Wake Up, Girls” Fan Meeting, “Wake Up, Derby”, the audience was given another huge surprise for the year. It was announced that the sequel movie for “Wake Up, Girls” will be released in two parts, in the coming September and December of this year. As big as the news for the 2nd Live Tour, the crowd were overjoyed when the cast brought a news board on stage to reveal their plans for the movie.

The Fan Meeting, which was supposed to celebrate the release of the new album and the establishment of the fan club, left the crowd in awe with the announcement of the movie which was supposed to be released this year.

wake up derby
The Seiyuus, from left, Miyu Takagi, Nanami Yamashita, Minami Tanaka, Mayu Yoshioka, Airi Eino, Kaya Okuno and Yoshino Aoyama

“Wake Up, Girls!” is an anime about a tiny production company based in Sendai, Green Leaves Entertainment, on a verge of going out of business. The company last desperate actions to scout out seven girls to form an new idol unit, hoping to save itself by using this unit to take over another established idol unit, the I-1 club.