Animax Cafe, located in the streets of Akihabara, started a collaboration for a limited time period. This collaboration features food and drinks, specially designed after the themes of each artistes that has performed before in the Animax concert, incorporating their favourite tastes into the meal.
animax cafe 1


An order from the delicious menu entitles each customer with an exclusive coaster randomly picked from the set below. With many of our favourite artistes like Yoshino Nanjo, Asami Imai, Sumire Uesaka, Maaya Uchida, these coasters are a great addition to the collection of many fans. Many customers have made their reservations and are making their way down.
animax cafe 2

The cafe is not only a restaurant for dining into great food, it is also a great souvenir shop. Animax Cafe produces exclusive snacks and gifts for Anime fans. Currently the cafe is holding 「Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica」 campaign with the Anime’s character shaped snacks. A random bromide will be given for each 400 yen spent for the goods at the cafe.
animax cafe 3

There is also something to enjoy during your meal, the cafe broadcasts performances from the live concerts, exclusive commentary from the artistes and also programs featuring Animax Musix.
animax 5animax 6

Costumes from your favourite artistes, lined up with their signatures and messages for the concert. Do you recognise any of them?
costume 1costume 3costume 3costume 4

How would you like to be served by a Seiyuu? A hourly staff performance organised by the cafe, which contents include Anisongs performances and live dubbing sessions for the customers. Animax Cafe is staffed with aspiring artistes and voice actresses who serve at the cafe while practicing in these performances. So you might be watching a performance from a famous Seiyuu in the future, how exciting would that be?

animax 7
My personal experience with some of the delicious food and drinks there.

drink 1
Maaya Uchida’s 「White One Piece and Strawberry Juice」
Nanjo Yoshino's "It is not Ramen! 「Menjolno Orange Mayonnaise Carbonara」
Yoshino Nanjo’s “It is not Ramen!” 「Menjolno Orange Mayonnaise Carbonara」
Sumire Uesaka's 「Russia's Passion Vodka Drink」
Sumire Uesaka’s 「Russia’s Passion Vodka Drink」


If you are in Japan, do make your way down to enjoy this great cafe.