Tea is one of the most popular beverages in Japan, and two of the country’s most popular manga titles have teamed up with Coca-cola for a special milk tea collaboration which features Hiro Mashima’s fantasy shounen battle manga, Fairy Tail, and Tomoko Ninomiya’s musical romance manga, Nodama Cantabile.


Coca-cola Japan has now revealed that the plastic bottles of their Kochakaden Royal Milk Tea will be featuring either one of the two beloved manga series and will also be featuring artwork illustrated by the two renowned mangakas.


These special Fairy Tail and Nodame Cantabile royal milk teas will be available in 280mL and 470mL bottles for a limited period from 27 April until late July 2015. The 280mL bottles of milk tea will cost 124 yen plus tax, while the 470mL bottles will cost 151 yen plus tax.

The back of the FT bottles feature either Natsu, Grey, Lucy, or Erza, while the back of the Nodame Cantabile bottles feature either Shinichi Chiaki, Megumi Noda, or Yasunori Kuroki.


source: animeanime