GATCHAMAN CROWDS insight, which starts airing in July this year, is the sequel to the GATCHAMAN CROWDS anime, which was released in 2013. They are all part of the year 1972 “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman” series made popular by Tatsunoko Productions. The story is about Hajime Ichinose, a girl who has joined a team of superheroes called GATCHAMAN, and their quest to fight off bad guys.


The cast of the anime, along with WHITE ASH, who will be performing the opening song of the anime, gathered for a press meeting. Present at the press meeting was Maaya Uchida (playing Hajime Ichinose), Kaori Ishihara (playing Tsubasa Misudachi), Ryota Oosaka (playing Sugune Tachibana), Ayumu Murase (playing Rui Ninomiya), Yuichiro Umehara (playing Rizumu Suzuki), Mamoru Miyano (playing Berg-Katze), Hanazawa Kana (playing Gel Sadra).

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First up was WHITE ASH. The vocalist, Nobita, expressed his that he was glad to be back again to perform the opening song, “insight”, for the anime. WHITE ASH had performed the opening song for the previous season of “GATCHAMAN CROWDS” as well.

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Next, the cast of “GATCHAMAN CROWDS insight” took the stage. “It is nice to see new members joining us, and I’d like to join efforts with them to work hard for this new season, “ said Maaya Uchida. Mamoru Miyano was worried about when the second season would begin, but he was relieved when it was finally scheduled to start. When asked about what they would like to say to the new cast who joined, Maaya Uchida told them not to get the “GATCHA pose” wrong, like what happened in the previous press meeting. Ryouta Oosaka and Mamoru Miyano spoke about being mindful of ad libs, and said that they should follow closely to the script, unless they reach a part that says “Ad lib”, where they should discuss with the director before going ahead with it. Maaya Uchida assured Ayumu Murase not to let the lines with difficult meaning trouble him too much at the beginning, as he will, in time, understand meaning of those lines.

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The new cast members were asked about their feelings when they first got the part. Kaori Ishihara felt that it was fate that she got the part for the character, “Tsubasa Misudachi”, at the point in her life when her hair was the shortest (as the character has short hair as well). Yuichiro Umehara said that he was happy that he got the part of a villain, as he had always wanted to play one. Hanazawa Kana was glad she got a play an alien, but she was clueless on to play an alien, for she has never met one.

GATCHAMAN CROWDS insight will start airing in this July, on Fridays at 1:58am, on Nippon TV.


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