To promote the upcoming Love Live! School Idol Movie, Japanese food manufacturer, Acecook, will be releasing two new ramen flavors inspired by none other than Love Live!’s resident ramen expert, Rin Hoshizora!

①ラブライブニラ赤2M ①ラブライブ玉ねぎ赤2M ②ラブライブニラ緑2M ②ラブライブ玉ねぎ緑2M ③ラブライブニラ青2M ③ラブライブ玉ねぎ青2M

The two flavors are I LOVE Pork and Onion Ramen and I LOVE Spicy Wild Leek and Pork Ramen, with both flavors featuring the Love Live! school idols in the lid artwork. They will be sold in sets of three (of the same flavor) and each set will cost 200 yen plus tax.

These instant ramen cups are scheduled to hit the market from 1 June 2015. Each cup will also feature one collectible Love Live! sticker, three of which feature three Muse members while one features Rin Hoshizora with her favorite food, which is of course, ramen!

①1年生1 ②2年生1 ③3年生1 ④凛ちゃん1

Source: Love Live! official