We all know that Rin Tohsaka’s servant, Archer, is a bit unpredictable as even his master sometimes does not know what he is actually thinking. This time however, we see Rin in a much different way as she dresses up as her servant in a new PVC figure by Aniplex+

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The new figure’s prototype was unveiled during the Machi Asobi event at the ufotable Theater in Tokushima, Japan, and was seen alongside the already revealed Saber Royal Dress ver., which was made to celebrate the Fate series’s 10th anniversary.


The figure is based on several previous illustrations which feature Rin all dressed up as her servant, Archer. It will be an Aniplex+-exclusive figure, which means that only a small amount will be made.

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I hope she also comes with that chibi Archer seen on the backgrounds. No release date or price has been revealed for this new Rin Tohsaka figure so far.

Also revealed during the event is that Aniplex+ will also be releasing Rin’s jewel pendant, which she used to both summon Archer and heal Shirou Emiya from his wounds inflicted by Lancer.


So what do you guys think of Rin’s new look? And who rocked the Archer look better, her or Fate/ Illya’s Kuro?


source: Crunchyroll