Pokemon Centers around Japan have been releasing one new Pikachu plush doll every month. For this month’s costume, we see the cute little electric Pokemon in a raincoat, which is just nice for the rainy season in Japan.


This new rainy-day Pikachu is just the third plush doll in the Pokemon Company’s monthly line of Pikachu plush, which feature the electric-type Pokemon in various costumes. Each of these plushies cost approximately 1,600 yen each, with this latest one scheduled for release on 16 May. Meanwhile, those who pre-ordered these plushies via the Amazon store will get them on 23 May.


Pokemon Centers around Japan will also be releasing a new clip-on Pikachu plush doll wearing Ash’s cap. People can attach this plushie into their shoulders, much like Ash himself. These clip-on plush dolls cost 2,000 yen and can also be attached to bags, caps, and others.


The first plush doll featured Pikachu in a business outfit while the second one celebrated Children’s Day as it featured Pikachu holding Magikarp kites.

pikaplush1 pikaplush2

source: Kai-you