The Ghost in the Shell Realize Project is trying to to bring the technology featured in Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the Shell a reality, and they have created a special website which presents the Ghost in the Shell heroine as you have never seen her before.

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The website presents Motoko’s 3D model, which users can control with their PC’s mouse. She can be viewed in various angles in various poses, and can still be as sexy and badass as the Motoko Kusanagi that you know in the various Ghost in the Shell anime.

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Gravure idol Iiniku Ushijima and Japanese race queen Ayaka Arima served as the models for the 3D Motoko Kusanagi, with photographer Rowland Kirishima capturing their photos as the basis for the 3D model. They used advanced camera techniques such as photogrammetry to make the 3D model over at Studio Avatta.


On 20 June 2015, it will be a big day for the Ghost in the Shell series itself as not only will the new Ghost in the Shell: New Movie makes its huge Japanese premiere, but it will also be the day when the Ghost in the Shell Realize Project will be making some major announcements.

The Ghost in the Shell Realize Project aims to make some of the technology from Ghost in the shell a reality, and this includes thermoptic camouflage, electric brains, the Logicoma, and of course, cyborgs!

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