The K Project official website has updated once again, and this time, it introduces two of the Green Clan’s notorious “Jungle Leaders”, Sukuna Gojou and Tenkei Iwafune.


Sukuna Gojou, the shorter one on your left-hand side, will be voiced by none other than the “Queen of Tsundere” herself, Rie Kugimiya, who is also known for voicing younger male characters like Alphonse Elric from Full Metal Alchemist as well as Happy from Fairy Tail. Meanwhile, Tenkei Iwafune, the taller one holding a book, is voiced by veteran seiyuu, Houchu Ohtsuka, best known for voicing Naruto’s Jiraiya and Mobile Fighter G Gundam’s Chibodee Crocket.

K1 K2

The official website also unveiled the K Image Blu-ray Return of Kings Prelude -Come Back- jacket art. The animated Blu-ray disc will serve as the bridge between the events of K: Missing Kings and K: Return of Kings, and it will be released on 24 June 2015.


Those who purchase the Blu-ray via Animate will also two of six randomly-selected artwork sketches by K creator and character designer, Shingo Suzuki.


This latest addition to GoHands’ K Project will be making its premiere in Japan this October 2015

Source: Anime Recorder