With so many things going on at CharaExpo 2015, to make things easier, we decided to give you 5 Stage Events that you definitely have to catch!

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  1. CharaExpo CosStage

A chance to catch the cosplayers in action on the stage! With the theme of game characters only, check out the many creative and interesting cosplay in store for you! Plus, you can also check out the special guest judges!

  1. Ryo Horikawa Special Talk

As a veteran seiyuu, Ryo Horikawa has voiced characters from many of our childhoods like Vegeta from the Dragon Ball series and Shun from the Saint Seiya series. Take this chance to hear a special talk by him about how young seiyuu should survive in the industry. With so many years in the industry under his belt, it will definitely be an enlightening experience listening to his opinions on this matter.

  1. The many sign event chances

With so many special guests, you will definitely expect sign events. Chara expo will deliver with a multitude of sign events. With sign events for artists such as Akira Itou, Masami Obari and Mel Kishida and many more at the Mini Stage Area as well as for seiyuu Ryo Horikawa. With so many choices, it’s best that you plan out your time!

  1. Wrestling!

When was the last time you actually experienced a live professional wrestling match? This will probably be many of our first time seeing professional wrestlers in action so we should definitely take a chance to catch all the action!

  1. CharaExpo Special Live Stage and Mashino Ayano Special Live

What better way to wrap up an event then to listening to songs? With the Mashino Ayano Special Live on day 1 and the CharaExpo Special Live on Day 2, you will get to end CharaExpo light sticks blazing. Featuring Mashino Ayano, Aimi and BACK-ON, it’s time to unwind after a great event and just party!

Of course this doesn’t mean that you can skip the other stages, it’s just a suggestion! So make sure you have fun, stay safe and have a fantastic CharaExpo 2015