Love Live!’s Rin Hoshizora just looooooooooves her ramen, so much so that she even gets her own from food manufacturers, Acecook. And now, they have started streaming the TV ad for her new ramen, which our own Crimsondramon has spotted in Akihabara!

The video also features scenes from the Love Live! School Idol Movie as the ramen itself was created to celebrate it. And of course, the star of the ad is the ramen-loving Rin!


They are currently being sold in sets of three (of the same flavor) and each set will cost 200 yen plus tax. Each cup will also feature one collectible Love Live! sticker, three of which feature three Muse members while one features Rin Hoshizora with her favorite food, which is of course, ramen. Now I am really wondering what they taste like!