Shogakukan’s Club Sunday TV’s youtube channel has started streaming the PV for Magi: Sinbad no Bouken‘s 5th OVA, which will come in DVD format and will come bundled with the prequel spin-off manga’s limited edition Volume 5.

The limited edition manga and DVD bundle will be released this 15 July for 3,218 yen. The standard edition of the manga’s Vol. 7 meanwhile will be released this 17 July 2015. This fifth OVA will follow the adventure of Sinbad, Jafar, and Hinahoho through the sixth dungeon which houses Valefor.


Sinbad no Bouken is Shinobu Ohtaka and Yoshifumi Otera’s prequel spin-off manga to Ohtaka’s bestselling and highly popular fantasy manga series, Magi. The first part of the OVA was released last May 2014.

This prequel focuses on the King of the Seven Seas himself, Sinbad, in his early adventures while trying to unlock the mysteries of the Magi and the dungeons they have placed all over the world