The new Attack on Titan Real Escape Game opened in Tokyo Dome City on 18 July 2015. It not only featured a few life-size titans, but the opening day also saw the guest appearance of one of the anime series seiyuus, Marina Inoue, who voices Armin Arlert in the anime.


The seiyuu, who also voices Yozora Mikaduki in Haganai and Laura Bodewig in IS: Infinite Stratos, made her appearance in the event while also sporting a Survey Corps jacket. However, she was definitely not alone as she appeared alongside one of the titans and comedian Yusuke Inoue, who is part of the comedy duo known as NON STYLE. The two Inoues entertained the crowd as well as posed for some pictures along with one of the titan exhibits, which seems to be more than happy to smile for the camera.

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Yusuke Inoue was appointed as the head of the theme park’s “Amusement Park Corps”, and together with the other Inoue helped unveil the new titan statue, which measures in at 4 meters in height.


During the opening program, the Inoue and Inoue duo talked about the game and warned players how hard the game will be.

The new life-size titan statue can be found in Tokyo Dome City, which is where the Attack on Titan Real Escape Game’s Tokyo leg is currently being held until 23 September. Osaka’s Hirakata Park will also host its own Attack on Titan Real Escape Game at the same time from 24 July until 6 September.

Last year, the Real Escape Game was titled “Escape from the Walled City”, and this time it is titled “Escape from the Besieged Amusement Park” (巨人に包囲された遊園地からの脱出, Kyojin ni houi sa reta yuuenchi kara no dasshutsu). Participants will play as members of the Survey Corps, However, the titans have surrounded the amusement park, and now the survey corps members must use their wits to find a way to escape.

source: Comic Natalie