Idol worshiping has been going on for thousands of years, and one prime example can be found in a Sega arcade in Osaka, which has installed an area which allows Love Livers (what Love Live! fans often call themselves) to bow down and prostrate themselves before the series’ nine muses.


While it is fair to say that majority of the fans who grovel and prostrate themselves before the Love Live! school idols had meant it as a joke or just for fun, there are a few who actually take it quite seriously. This new “worship area” for Muse is an excellent way not only to promote the new Love Live! movie, but also the ongoing collaboration between Sega and the popular idol series.

Like any place of worship, fans can also place offerings to their goddesses (their idol group is named after the nine Greek goddesses of music, the Muses), and if you look closely to the top image, one fan has the right idea of placing RAMEN in Rin Hoshizora’s worship area while another placed a bowl of RICE for Hanayo Koizumi. These fans really know their stuff! Another one meanwhile is worshiping Kotori with some sweets!

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Again, while some are really serious about their worshiping, they are considered to be the minority, with the majority of fans doing them more for fun and should not really be taken seriously. Yes people, Love Live! isn’t a religion or a cult… even if people are likely doing pilgrimages to this arcade right now… or doing pilgrimages to Kanda Shrine where Nozomi “works” as a miko.

source: KOTAKU