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Veteran cosplayer Pinky Lu Xun and Richfield along with the adorable Punipun from Indonesia will be joining the line-up of Cosplay Guests from Japan, China, Malaysia, The Philippines and Taiwan to attend the most prestigious Anime Convention in Indonesia, AFAID 2015.


AFAID 2015 – Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2015 will be happening on the 25th Sep (Fri) / 26th (Sat) / 27th (Sun) September 2015, at the Jakarta International Expo

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Pinky Lu Xun is the pride of Indonesian cosplayers. Known as the first generation that started the trend of cosplay in the country, she was also the first participant from Indonesia who joined ARCC in 2009. Because of her contributions to the community, Indonesia was able to continue to send representatives in ARCC till today.

Pinky Lu Xun has also toured Asia to judge international cosplay competitions.

Pictures from Pinky Lu Xun’s Facebook page


Also known as the cute Momo from Moe Moe Kyun maid cafe, the adorable Punipun joins us as a cosplayer guest this year. Gaining popularity in Indonesia for her cute cosplays, she was chosen to be the official cosplayer of Oren from re:ON comics. Punipun is also a talented musician and can perform on the piano, cello and even drums!

Pictures from Punipun’s facebook page,


He is one of the respected Indonesian cosplayer. He is famous for costume Garo, The Skullman, Briareos, IronMan, RoboCop, Ultraman, Darth Malgus and others. He began his career in 2007 and in 2010 became the second champion in the ARCC. 4 years in a row he became ARCC Judge in local eliminations and finals in Singapore. In 2013 he was appointed AFA ID Ambassador.

After last year he collaborated with Kaname in costume theme: Kamen Rider Kabuto, at AFA ID 2015, he will return to judge the competition with a new costume and will collaborate with Pinky Lu Xun and YingTze in the same costume theme.

Pictures from Richfield’s facebook,

AFAID 2015 – Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2015 -25th Sep (Fri) / 26th (Sat) / 27th (Sun) September 2015, Jakarta International Expo