Yui Ogura is not a teen anymore, but she is still one of the most popular seiyuu in the industry. The lovable seiyuu has been in the spotlight since making her debut in 2008, and devoted fans who followed her have seen her grow not only as a seiyuu, but a singer as well.


She finally turned 20 last 15 August, thus ending her teenage years, and to celebrate that, one fan, @ n092t, has traced her “growth” in the industry. He compared the selfies she has taken, from the time she made her debut in 2008 to where is is now. From a girl to a woman as they say, however…


This member of the YuiKaori does not seem to age that much, and even though she is already 20, many have said that she still looks like she is in her mid-teens.


Famous for her songs either as a solo artiste or as part of the YuiKaori duo with Kaori Ishihara, she is noted by fans for her mostly-loli roles such as Ro-Kyu-Bu!’s Hinata Hakamada and Encouragement of Climb’s Kokona Aoba.

And to Yui-chan, we would like to greet you a belated happy birthday!