The legendary animator and director, Hayao Miyazaki is not quite retired, as he will be making a new 3DCG animated short film. This is, in fact, the first time the Oscar-winning director will be working on 3D animation.


After garnering an Oscar nomination for his work on “The Wind Rises” back in 2013, the anime legend announced his retirement from making feature films but announced that he will be making a new 3DCG anime earlier this year. This new Miyazaki project will be following “Kemushi no Boro“, or Boro the Hairy Caterpillar, which he initially sketched earlier this year.


During a Nico Nico webcast last 21 September, it was announced that Miyazaki will be working with CG animator, Yuhei Sakuragi, he recently wowed fans with his Animator Expo short film, “Neon Genesis Impacts”. And according to entertainment website, Variety, Steve N’ Steven, a production house with extensive CG animation expertise launched in 2011 by ad agency giant Hakuhodo and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, is reportedly participating in the making of the film.

They also noted that Sakuragi is part of the Animator Expo, which is organized by Dwango and Studio Khara. Studio Khara is of course founded by a good friend and student of Hayao Miyazaki, legendary anime director and Evangelion’s own Hideaki Anno, who made his seiyuu debut in Miyazaki’s “The Wind Rises”.