Dance with devils is an original anime series by the game developer, Rejet, which starts airing on October 7, 2015. It is a musical anime, which also has its original manga serialized in G fantasy just this month. The anime features beautifully drawn characters singing out their lines instead of the usual narration and conversation.

The protagonist is a 16 year-old girl, Ritsuka Tachibana, who lives in Shiko city with her mother and her elder brother, Lind. She starts school at Shiko Academy, where her brother is already a third-year student. She then becomes acquainted with the president of the student council, Ren Kaginuki, who is actually a demon. It is a story about demons, vampires, and exorcists.

Some character visuals for the anime:


Ritsuka Tachibana (voiced by: Himika Akaneya)

The protagonist, a 16 year old school girl


Lind Tachibana (voiced by: Wataru Hatano)

Ritsuka’s brother, and is also an exorcist


Remu Kaginuki (voiced by: Soma Saito)

President of the student council, and is also a demon. He has a cold personality.


Urie Sogami (voiced by: Takashi Kondo)

Vice president of the student council, and is very popular with girls. He is also a demon.


Mage Nanashiro (voiced by: Subaru Kimura)

Secretary of the student council. He too is a demon.


Shiki Natsumezaka (voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa)

A fallen angel. He serves as the treasurer of the student council.

??? suzuki

Last but not least, a mysterious character whose name has not been revealed (whom is voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki).

This anime features music produced by the music studio Elements Garden, which has produced many of Nana Mizuki’s hits like “Eternal Blaze,” including her duet with T.M Revolution, “Kakume Dualism,” from the anime, Valvraveand “Maji love 1000%” from the anime, Uta no prince sama. Thus, we can expect nothing less of Elements Garden for this musical anime.
The opening theme song, “Kakusei no air”, is performed by none other than voice actor Wataru Hatano, who plays Lind Tachibana in this series. He will be releasing this song as his 5th single, on 14 October 2015. As part of the promotional activities for this single, on October 18, fans who purchase the single from the shop, “Shinseido,” will have to chance to receive it directly from Wataru Hatano himself, as well as attend a free mini concert at Tressa Yokohama. Purchases have to be made at the Tressa Yokohama branch itself.

Here is a preview of the single:

Of course, the other cast members have their share of character songs as well. Here are some previews of them.

Soma Saito

Takashi Kondo

Subaru Kimura

Daisuke Hirakawa

Do check out more of the characters songs here

The ending theme song, “マドモアゼル(Mademoiselle)” will be sung by male cast members Wataru Hatano, Soma Saito, Takashi Kondo, Subaru Kimura, as well as Daisuke Hirakawa.
This musical anime will certainly add some diversity to the upcoming Autumn season, so please check it out this season!



Official website

Wataru Hatano’s single

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