The dust has finally settled, and with much resources spent, the admirals playing Kantai Collection can now breathe a sigh of relief as the game’s Summer 2015 event is now officially over.

As the new 7 September update for the game took away the event maps and ship locks, they also added a few new additions in the game, including some special autumn festival yukata CGs for some of the fleet girls, which are only available for a limited time.

Destroyer Hamakaze


Light Cruiser Jintsuu Kai Ni


Destroyer Kawakaze


Seaplane Tender Mizuho


Light Cruiser Nagara


Light Cruiser Natori


Destroyer Oboro


Light Cruider Ooyodo


Destroyer Urakaze


Other fleet girls are also getting special Autumn Festival lineup, while admirals can also start decorating their office with new autumn-themed furniture items. The update also adds three new quests and adjusts the parameters for the Seaplane Tender Mizuho.

Meanwhile, over at the anime side of things, a leaked scan from the October 2015 issue of Comptiq Magazine has revealed new screenshots from the upcoming Kantai Collection movie. They feature the newest additions to the anime adaptation, Furutaka Kai Ni and Kako Kai Ni, both of whom were not included in the original anime series which premiered last January.


The scans also reveal the four Kongou sisters, Kongou, Hiei, Kirishima, and Haruna, now in their Kai Ni forms, as well as the light cruiser, Ooyodo.

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Source: KanColle Wikia and 0takomu