Maaya Uchida has already shown her amazing prowess as a seiyuu, consistently getting main roles in anime since her breakout roles in Sankarea and Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai. In 2014, she debuted as a solo artist with Pony Canyon and has 3 singles as well as an upcoming album. Let’s take a closer look at this adorable singer.


Her debut single, Soushou Innocence, was released 24 April 2014 and peaked the Oricon chart at 14th spot. The single was also featured as the opening theme to Akuma no Riddle. For a debut single, it already placed decently well even though it didn’t break into the top 10. The dark feel of this song along really suited the cool beauty image of Uchida Maaya, and I personally felt that it’s a really catchy song. The deep bass beats of the song really helped to show off her higher pitched voice and definitely makes it a treat to listen to.

Following the success of her debut, she has released two more singles, Gimme! Revolution and Karappo Capsule with both achieving 12th and 14th on the Oricon charts respectively. Both songs featured more cheerful songs, which is a stark contrast to her debut song. However this doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Mayayan is undeniably cute. That coupled with a cute song is a potent combination. With these 2 singles, they add further to the range of songs that she can sing, which brings us to her upcoming album.

Her first album, PENKI will be released on 02 Dec 2015 (a mere few days after AFA SG), and this time it features a completely different feel. The song Distorted World has already been previewed. From the short sample, you can easily tell the song is all about showing off the strength of her voice. Sometimes all the songs of a singer may sound pretty much the same, but with Mayayan, most of her singles go for a different theme and demands something different out of her each time. She has confidently proved that she can handle that and deliver even more, which makes it so awesome that she is coming to AFA SG this year. So catch her at I Love Anisong on Saturday night!

You can get to see Uchida Maya perform at AFASG 2015 as part of the P’s LIVE! segment.


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