Attack on Titan creator, Hajime Isayama, grew up in the village of Hibiki in Oyama, Oita prefecture, and he grew up in a household which owns and runs a plum orchard. Now, these plums grown by the Isayama family are often turned into Japanese plum wine. And with their family member now making it big as an international bestselling author who regularly tops the New York Times bestselling charts for mangas, the family’s crop are also getting turned into official Attack on Titan plum wines.


These 500mL bottles of Attack on Titan wines are produced in Isayama’s own hometown of Hibiki, and the plums used to make these wines, are being supplied by the Isayama family’s own orchard. You could say that they are as authentic as they can get when it comes to Attack on Titan-based alcoholic beverages.

The third additions to these homegrown Attack on Titan wines are inspired by two of the series most popular characters, with Levi inspiring the Levi oshuku plum wine, while Erwin Smith is getting himself some nanko plum wine.

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These wines are actually a tie-in project to promote the new Attack on Titan: No Regrets OVA, and each 500mL bottle costs 2,000 yen. But when buying the Levi wine, make sure you clean up after drinking…

Source: Comic Natalie