To be a Mahou Shoujo (Magical Girl), you need to be in top shape, and one runner in the Kobe Marathon proves it as he cosplays Cure Mermaid from Go! Princess Pretty Cure, which of course is part of the popular PreCure magical girl franchise.


Complete with wig, skirt, running shoes, and frills that are a must-have for most Mahou Shoujos, this marathon runner definitely turned a lot of heads as he passed by, because a magical girl is one of the last things you would expect to see in a marathon. But then again, this is Japan we are talking about, so…


This PreCure runner was not able to place, let alone win the race, but he was able to clock in at 2 hours, 42 minutes, and 23 seconds, which is quite impressive in itself. Hmmmmmmm… maybe those frills aren’t aerodynamic, that’s why he didn’t place.


But given the time he finished the race, he would have taken 2nd place if he entered the women’s category. Cure Mermaid is totally a woman, right?!


But the way this magical girl joined the race isn’t anything new as it was reported that he also joined last year’s Kobe marathon, wearing a different PreCure costume!


source: Rocket News 24