Officially getting married in Japan is as simple as getting the right marriage documents, signing it with your spouse-to-be, and filing it at your local government office. Usually, these official marriage documents look like just any plain government documents. However, Konin Todoke Seisakujo/Design Laboratory for Marriage Paperworks, has started releasing some Sailor Moon-themed documents, and they are official so they can be accepted by local government offices in Japan! Previously, they released two designs, and now, they are proudly announcing a third design!


The new design is called the Sailor Moon Moonlight Kiss, and just like the two previous designs, it costs will cost 3,000 yen and comes with three papers, two for the required submission and one for you and your wife/ husband to keep as your own copy and for collecting purposes as well.

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Looks like this third design puts a whole lot more focus on the romance part, huh? Sales for these marriage certificates began last 22 November, which means that Japanese couples can now file their marriage registrations using the new design right now!

Source: Comic Natalie