Many people visit Akihabara from all over the world just to get a chance to play in its many arcades. For a limited time from 20 – 21 November, Japanese arcade gaming company, Taito, is giving arcade gamers a treat by putting an arcade right outside Akihabara train station!


Featuring two Nail Stage crane games (5 tries per play) and a Capriccio Star prize game (3 tries per play), fans can use electronic money as a means of payment, which are often used in purchasing cards for Tokyo’s transit system (Suica, Kitaca, PASMO, TOICA, manaca, ICOCA, SUGOCA, nimoca, or Hayakaken). Oh, and these cards will be given away for free. Tote bags and chocolates will also be given away as prizes.



However, as mentioned earlier, this will only be available for a limited time, so better hurry up! It will also be open from 11 am until 9 pm on the dates mentioned above.

Source: ANN