Did everyone enjoy P’s live? Missing Ayana Taketatsu already? She penned down her thoughts about AFA2015, P’s live, as well as on Singapore, in her latest blog entry!

Title: Singapore

1st December, 2015

I participated in AFA2015, which was held in Singapore. I was really surprised when P’s live was going to be held in Singapore, and I was really touched by the support and encouragement I received from the overseas fans. With the fans’ light-stick-waving and hand gestures, I’m sure many of the fans memorized these to prepare for the concert! When I was singing the song “Kajirikake no ringo”, I was amazed that the audience shouted “Da~re da!” together!

Also, everyone did the “Rice to meat you!” and “I love beef!” together with me! It felt awesome that my love for meat managed to cross international boundaries! (laughs)

Also, the fans called me “Ayachi” too! I was very glad that to know that there were so many people overseas who support and remember me. Some fans addressed me as “Ayachi” in their fan letters as well! I was very touched by their efforts to write in Japanese, as Japanese is not an easy language. I also gained many followers on twitter! This has made me want to study English more! It’ll be great if I could communicate with all sorts of people.

I wore this outfit for the opening!

ayana 1

After that, this was my outfit for “Little *Lion* Heart”!

ayana 2

I really love this outfit as it was designed according to how I wanted it to be <3

It was the kind of outfit I really wanted to wear and I was really happy with out it turned out!

I really wanted to show it to the fans overseas, and was glad I could!

I wore this for the event on the next day. It was a blue dress!

ayana 3

I shall also post this photo, which I randomly took of myself while travelling from place to place. (laughs)

ayana 4

Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion!

Did some sightseeing too!

ayana 5

So these were my memories, and I’ll update soon!

I’m moving to my next destination now!

It’s cold outside, so be careful everyone!

Source: Ayana Taketatsu’s blog