Times are tough in Japan right now, and so tough that one of Studio Ghibli’s most iconic characters, No-Face, was seen roaming the streets of Hachinohe City in Aomori, Japan, playing a traditional Japanese string instrument called a tsugaru-jamisen. No-Face was originally last seen in Hayao Miyazaki’s Academy Award-winning movie, Spirited Away,


However, these appearances seem to be a normal occurrence in Hachinohe, as sightings of the tsugaru-jamisen-playing No-Face have been surfacing since May 2015. And apparently, he’s very good at playing that traditional Japanese musical instrument.

How good is No-Face in playing that instrument you ask? Here’s one video of him taken during one of his appearances last July 2015:

No-Face also seems to be quite a friendly old fellow, as this Google image search done by Rocket News 24 has shown:


And that Google image search has proven that sightings of No-Face in the city aren’t really very rare at all. In fact, he has been reported to turn up in a lot of places.


Source: Rocket News 24