07th Expansion’s murder mystery visual novel series, Higurashi: When They Cry, has been known for violence, blood and gore, plot twists, cute girls losing their minds, and yanderes, and it is getting itself an TV drama. Now imagine idols getting the roles of the visual novel’s heroines.


It has been confirmed that the idols from the AKB48 sister group, the Niigata-based NGT48, will have some of its idols starring in the drama.

However, the roles have still not been confirmed, as there will still be an audition for the drama’s prominent roles. The cast members for the drama will be revealed in later announcements.


Toru Otsuka and Taro Miyaoka will co-direct the live-action TV drama, which is scheduled to begin airing on May 2016. It will run for eight episodes, with each episode to run for 60 minutes.

The original visual novel was released back in 2002, and it moved on to spawn various sequels and spin-offs, as well as two very successful TV anime, a live-action movie, a manga, and a light novel series.

So, which NGT48 idol is the one do you think will make the best yandere? Who do you think will play Shion, Mion, Rena, or any of the other crazy Higurashi characters?

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Source: animeanime