Tomorrow is the 14th of February, in other words, tomorrow is SINGLE AWARENESS DAY! That’s right, tomorrow will be a day that singles will be celebrating by going to the movies alone and enjoying themselves by watching Deadpool by themselves or with their fellow-single friends.

In the anime world, we are often bombarded by all of these mushy romantic comedies and shoujo anime that often end up with people together. However, some characters have proven that not being in a relationship can be a lot more awesome than being in one. In celebration of Single Awareness Day, we present SIX anime characters who have proven that being single is much much much more awesome than being in a relationship… right?!

Alto Saotome (Macross Frontier)

Macross Frontier - 25 - Large 44

Alto is a bishounen Valkyrie pilot and former Kabuki actor, who was somehow unwillingly thrust into a love triangle where two very popular and lovely idols named Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee were battling it out for his affections. Sure, Ranka and Sheryl are as lovely as they come, but who did Alto choose? He chose the sky of course! He did not choose to be tied down by a relationship and chose the freedom of the sky instead! What a guy, a true hero! He is so unlike our next pick…

Makoto Itou (School Days)


Unlike most of our picks, Makoto is actually in a relationship…  well, WAS anyway. The point is, Makoto is proof that being in a relationship can kill you, and staying single is just about the safest thing in the world. Sure, he cheated on two girls, but he got exactly what he deserved. Simply put, if Makoto did not get a girlfriend, he would have still been alive by the end of School Days, therefore, being in a relationship means that there is a chance you might get stabbed multiple times and get beheaded. Nice boat though…

Kaede Fuyou (Shuffle)


Ahhhhhhh, the childhood friend, one of the most used tropes in romantic anime. However, MOST OF THE TIME, childhood friends don’t get the guy, and this is especially true in Kaede’s case. When her childhood friend and love of her life, Rin, got into a relationship, she lost her mind and kinda went crazy, going into yandere mode. She wanted to be with Rin all her life, and that desire to be in a relationship with him became her undoing. Moral of the story: When you have a childhood friend, don’t strive to have a romantic relationship with them. Stay single, be like Alto, or the next girl in our list…

Minori Kushieda (ToraDora)


Oh Minorin, she is proof that being a good friend and staying single means that you can save people from a whole lot of trouble from things getting complicated even further. Her best friend, Taiga, has developed feelings for Ryuuji, however, Ryuuji has feelings for Minori. So what did Minori do? She rejected Ryuuji. Well, she got into a cat fight with Ami as a result, but in the end, her rejecting the guy sets up Toradora’s ending, with Taiga and Ryuuji getting together… at the cost of her own feelings of course. She took one for the team as she understood that Taiga needed Ryuuji a lot more than she did, and seeing your best friend happy with the guy you also happen to like is the best feeling in the world, right? RIGHT?!

Lelouch Vi Britannia (Code Geass series)


Ahhhhh Lulu, just like Alto, this guy is a legend. He’s been shipped with Shirley, he’s been shipped with Kallen, he’s been shipped with C.C., and yes, he’s even been shipped with Suzaku. However, this guy managed to sink every single ship he’s been in through the course of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, all in the name of revenge against his father and Britannia. Revenge and over-the-top theatrics first, relationships NEVER! This is why he’s such a legend, and this is why he’s such an awesome single!

Hachiman Hikigaya (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)

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There are legendary singles like Lelouch and Alto, and then there is the one and only Hachiman. Considered the anime version of BATMAN, he would do his best to avoid being caught in the traps of romance, and even pokes fun at the various Rom-Com tropes he often encounters. Hachiman has had a rough middle school life, and that has molded him into one of the most sarcastic and cynical people in anime. This makes him unwilling to be subjected to romance and actively avoids getting caught up in a relationship. Here is one such example, which features his now-famous monologue on his views about “nice girls.”

If you follow Oregairu, you would notice that Hachiman is full of quotes about how awesome being a single actually is. That, coupled with his dark humor, wit, sarcasm, and defiance against the norms of romance clearly puts him on a league of his own.

So since it’s 14 February tomorrow, don’t be sad singles of the world, celebrate it! HAPPY SINGLE AWARENESS DAY!