In 2005, Namco Games introduced an arcade game which would go on to later revolutionize the idol genre, not only in games, but in anime as well. That game was called The [email protected], and with the latest game, Platinum Stars, now being slated for release later this year, one fan decided to compare the graphics of the game across the years – from its first inception back in 2005 for arcades, to the upcoming Platinum Stars game for the PS4.


Twitter user, @doya72, compared the graphics of 765 Pro’s Haruka Amami, and compared what she looks like in the previous games, which basically looks at how the graphics evolved through the years:

The [email protected] (Arcade)


Unspecified game (most probably The [email protected] 2 for the Xbox 360)

imas 2

The [email protected]: One For All (PlayStation 3)

imas 3

The [email protected]: Platinum Stars (PlayStation 4)

imas 4

Now that is evolution! A new scan taken from Weekly Famitsu Magazine has also revealed what all 13 765 Pro idols will look like for Platinum Stars, which will be released for the PlayStation 4 later this year:

imasscan0 imasscan1

Now compare how they look like in the scans with how the 765 Pro idols looked like in the previous games:

The [email protected] (Arcade)

i1 1

The [email protected] 2 (Xbox 360)

i2 1 L2Hsi

The [email protected]: One For All (PlayStation 3)

imas-16 idolmaster-one-for-all-03 OFA 1

The differences are astounding, right? It’s no wonder the series has lasted this long!

Source: Rocket News 24