Yoshihiro Togashi has been out for over a year due to some “back problems”. However, issue #16 of Weekly Shonen Jump! Magazine has confirmed that he and his manga, Hunter x Hunter will be returning from hiatus, and the exact release date for the return will be on 18 April 2016.

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The manga will return with the “Dark Continent Arc,” and fans are hoping that this latest return would last a long time.  Hunter x Hunter has been quite infamous for its long and frequent hiatuses, which frustrated fans have nicknamed the series as Hiatus x Hiatus. However, this latest return has been taken by some fans with a grain of salt, as his last return from a long hiatus back in 2014 (after a 2-year hiatus), only lasted two months. Of course, fans are hoping that this return will last longer.

This current hiatus came as Togashi was complaining about “back problems” and said he needed a break just two months after returning. It was originally expected to be a 2-week hiatus, then got extended to more than a year.

source: ANN