The live-action Naruto musical, Live Spectacle Naruto, is back for a second run, and its official website has just revealed new character visuals for the other cast members. The new visuals features the actors in costume, and needless to say, they look really good, just like when they visited Singapore the last time.


Now that’s pretty badass! After revealing the first and second batches of character visuals, the rest of the cast were also given their own respective character visuals, including the new cast members, Kaoru Fujiki, who now plays the role of Ino Yamanaka. She replaces Anju Inami, who is now involved with AQUORS and Love Live! Sunshine as Chika Takami. In addition, Shikamaru Nara will now be played by Tatsuya Kobayashi, after being portrayed by Tsubasa Hattori. Rock Lee will be played by Yugo Sato.

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On the other hand, the actors for the other characters are reprising their previous roles, and they also get their own character visuals:

Ryo Kato as Chouji Akimichi


Yuta Iiyama as Kiba Inuzuka


Shinichiro Ueda as Shino Aburame


Saki Takahashi as Hinata Hyuuga


The play will first be performed in Osaka, at the Umeda Arts Theater, from 30 July until 7 August. It will then head to Tokyo, at the AiiA 2.5D theater from 13 – 28 August 2016. No international performances have been announced thus far, but stay tuned for more details.

Previously, Live Spectacle Naruto was performed in Singapore, as well as Malaysia and Macau. You can also check out our exclusive interview with Koudai Matsuoka here:

Source: Comic Natalie