With the release for the PS4, a new prequel anime, and an upcoming movie all being announced, the boys of Final Fantasy XV have really made many fans very excited. To add to the hype, their fashion sense will be released as part of a Final Fantasy XV fashion line by Japanese fashion designer Roen, who previously worked on the outfits for Final Fantasy XIII.


Yes, the very clothes worn by the boys of FFXV are getting released, however, the prices might break a few hearts, wallets, and banks. Made of high quality leathers, denims, and other fabrics, these fashionable items can cost up to thousands of dollars in cash. Ouch!


The Noctis Military Blouson Z is 162,000 yen, while the  Noctis cropped pants cost 91,800 yen. The Noctis sheepskin gloves cost 21,600 yen and his socks are worth socks are 3,240 yen.


Prompto’s leather vest costs 237,600 yen while his pants cost a whopping 91,800 yen!

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Ouch! Now that might really hurt some wallets, but hey, it pays to be stylish, right? An official website for the fashion line is now open.

Source: Kotaku