Renowned seiyuu, Yui Ogura, comes from Gunma prefecture, and she did her hometown some service by acting as the honorary police chief in Gunma’s Kiryu Police Station. During her one-day term as police chief, she not only posed with the men and women keeping the peace for her hometown, but also helped man the traffic.

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She posted the images via her official blog, where she said that this is actually her second time doing this and she admitted she had lots of fun doing it again, even if it were just for one day.




The Gunma police also presented her with a certificate of appreciation, and she really kept things safe and looked really cute in doing so. Good job Yui!


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Yui Ogura is best known for her roles as Tsukiko from The Hentai Prince and Hinata from Ro-Kyu-Bu!. She forms the seiyuu unit known as YuiKaori along with Kaori Ishihara. She hails from Midori, Gunma Prefecture, and it’s clear that her hometown loves her very much.

Source: 0takomu