As Universal Studios Japan is preparing for their limited-time Shonen Jump! collaboration this summer, which will include attractions for One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Death Note, the Osaka-based theme park has announced another collaboration for the summer season, and that is Yo-Kai Watch!


The collaboration, which would be held from 1 July until 4 September is celebration of Universal Studios Japan’s 15th Anniversary, would feature several attractions, including Yo-Kai Watch: The Real, whereby visitors will have to search for hidden Yo-Kai. They will be given a Yo-kai Pad, a Yo-Kai Watch, and a Yo-Kai Lens, which all allow visitors to detect the Yo-Kai as they walk through the streets.


Another attraction would take the ED song from the anime, “Yo-Kai Taisou” (Yo-kai Exercise), and take its concept into the theme park’s latest Yo-Kai Watch attraction, Yo-kai Exercise: The Real, which would give visitors a nice work out by dancing alongside the franchise’s most lovable characters.


And if you’re hungry, Whisper has a nice treat for everyone, as there will be a “Yo-kai Studio Stars Restaurant” run by the lovable Yo-kai himself. They will be served western cuisine, and the menu itself has been themed with the franchise’s characters, like cakes shaped like Jibanyan and Komasan.


And finally, there will be a new attraction called Yo-Kai Watch: The Rally 3, which is a stamp rally where visitors can get the chance to win a Yo-Kai Medal.

Source: Mantan