They said that performing at the Nippon Budoukan is one of the greatest achievements in the Japanese music industry. This means that once you’ve preformed at the Budoukan, you have finally made it. Now, the latest musical act to take their talents to Budoukan is… Piko Taro!

Yes folks, not only has he performed in Singapore for AFA, but he’s even getting his own Budoukan concert! And he’s not coming alone! It has been revealed that Anisong superstar, LiSA, will be performing with Piko Taro for his Budoukan concert!

All-female band, Silent Siren, will also be performing at Piko Taro’s Budoukan concert.

The Budoukan concert also seems to be a star-studded affair, as more guests will be announced in the days to come. Comedian Shinya Ueda will also be part of the concert.

Officially titled “PPAPT”, Piko Taro will be holding his Budoukan concert on 3rd March. Regular reserved seats and family seats both cost 5,940 yen each.

source: Music Natalie