It seems like the New Year is a great time to announce that you got hitched if you’re a seiyuu. This is because two of them just  announced that they got married. The first seiyuu to announce her marriage over the last few days was Rina Satou, best known for her roles as Mikoto Misaka for the A Certain series, Negi Springfield from the Negima series and Rei Hino/ Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon Crystal.

She revealed that she got married in her blog, ☆.Rina Diary.☆*. She also revealed that she now has a baby boy! In her post, she said:

And this is getting personal, but this year I gained a life partner I can cry and laugh with, and it was a year when I welcomed a new, small life to cherish and protect.

On my web radio show, “Let’s Meet in the Sky ♪ F [AnoSora],” everyone (the listeners) is my family — me, of course, but also my father, mother, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, grandfather, grandmother, doggie, kitty…

Talking about my family made me feel warm and happy… “AnoSora” has already become family! I kept thinking how much I wanted to tell you all about my new family. And I’d already willfully taken on the feelings of a big sister to my relatives.

I really wanted to announce this vocally, but it looks like “AnoSora” won’t get that honor… [weeps]

I will happily watch out for all your updates! Everyone is doing their best and lifting up the sky. Please await the time when “AnoSora” will make the news!

Well. Living with a small life for the first time is a series of new discoveries every day! There are many joys, but everything is beyond what I had imagined… it’s been a struggle. [laughs]

Along with thanking the parents who have raised me, I have renewed respect for the fathers and mothers out there.

The “AnoSora” family has moms and dads too, and I look forward to sharing my stories next time. I spend my days imitating my son (it’s a boy!). I want to steal his voice [laughs]! The sounds babies make are very interesting!

Meanwhile, another seiyuu who made her mark in the 2000’s also announced her marriage. Seiyuu Mikako Takahashi is best known for her roles as Ayumu Nishizawa in Hayate the Combat Butler! and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha’s Chrono. In her private blog for fan club members, she revealed that she is now married.

She revealed that she just entered the family registry with her new husband “a short time ago”. In her post, she also said that:

“Even though I’m married, I’m me. I want to do my best at work without changing, and I want to have lots of laughs with everyone without changing.”

Both seiyuu did  not reveal who their respective husbands are.

So to both Mikako Takahashi and Rina Satou, congratulations and may both of you have fruitful marriages.

Source: ANN