Attack on Titan’s long-awaited second season finally premieres this 1st April, and fans are excited. And with the April premiere looming, the anime has teamed up with Japanese fashion event, Tokyo Girls Collection for a special collaboration. The new visual for the team-up features the Survey Corps members as fashion models.

Many in the fashion industry consider Tokyo Girls Collection as one of Japan’s biggest fashion events. It focuses on local Japanese brands, which in turn showcase their latest wares for the event. In other words, it’s basically Wonder Festival, but for clothes.

The collaboration will also have several models walking down the runway wearing Survey Corps jackets. Who ever knew that Attack on Titan could be this fabulous?

The event will also be holding the Attack on Titan runway on 25th March at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium. During the event, they will also be selling several fashionable Attack on Titan merchandise.

source: Attack on Titan official