For many people, including yours truly, our first encounter with giant robots wasn’t with Gundam, but with Voltron. The syndicated combining robot series sparked the interest in many for the mecha genre. Thanks to the success of their new animated Voltron series, Netflix is also bringing back the classic straight from the 80’s. Somewhere, the kid within all of us are jumping with joy.

The classic series will be coming under the title “Voltron 84”. However, Netflix will only be streaming 12 episodes. The staff from Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender series will be picking those 12 episodes, alongside people from Dreamworks.

World Events Productions syndicated the series from footage from two Toei Animation series. These two series are Beast King GoLion and Armored Fleet Dairugger XV, both of which don’t have any relations with each other. The only thing both series have in common are that they are both combining robot anime, and Toei is animating both series. The first Voltron is obviously GoLion, while the second Voltron is actually Dairugger. World Events Productions changed the story for both to make it seem that they are from both universes. In fact, the first Voltron series, based on GoLion, featured several scenes from the Dairugger anime.

Netflix has said that they will be revealing more details about this return soon. Hopefully, they will also stream some of the other Voltron episodes as well.

Source: io9