The new Fate projects that are coming for you in July and October, Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] has recently announced the artistes that will be taking on the theme songs.

Image by Yuichiro Higashi・TYPE-MOON / FAPC

Fate/Apocrypha, a similar concept to the Fate series, will be a story about a battle royale of servants, 7 vs 7. As for this exciting sounding project, EGOIST will be singing the opening theme song, “Eiyuu Unmei no Uta” (英雄  運命の詩)and GARNiDELiA will be taking on the ending (Name not yet announced). Fate/Aprocrypha will be broadcasted in July.

Image by SACRA MUSIC/ Yuichiro Higashi・TYPE-MOON / FAPC
Image by SACRA MUSIC/ Yuichiro Higashi・TYPE-MOON / FAPC

On the other hand, Aimer wil be singing the theme song for the movie, Fate/stay night[Heaven’s Feel] I. presage flower, the Fate series game that everyone has been waiting to be animated. The movie will be released on 14 October.

Photo by TYPE-MOON・ufotable・FSNPC

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