Ikemen have been synonymous with being handsome and trendy in Japan. But what makes one an Ikemen? Does just being handsome count? Japanese illustrator @m_msak7 has worked in the anime industry, and he’s researched popular looks for his animation job. He drew an illustration which describes the features that an Ikemen must have.

According to his tweet, an Ikemen must have the following features to get a lot of attention in Japan:


  • Upper eyelids have no fold (or there’s a hidden double eyelid)
  • Has eye bags
  • A space between eyebrows and eyes
  • Eyebrows are horizontal (or slant downwards)


  • Upper lip is extremely thin


  • The bridge of the nose is beautiful


  • Hair is black
  • Always beautifully set (in a cool style)

He said that to pull off that look, one must have “a bit of a sleepy feel”. And while his illustration seems to have just woken from bed, the illustrator said that he’s “really pumped up when with friends, to show just how cool he is”. However, since this is the internet, a few trolls pointed out that his description could also look like this:

But Masaki himself pointed out that this is just his own personal observation, and related mostly to men in their early-to-mid twenties. Many also defended the illustrator, pointing out that his description fits most celebrities.

So, do you know anybody with this description?

Source: Sora News 24