Gundam the Origin’s Loum Arc will finally end with the sixth film, “Rise of the Red Comet”. Now, is teasing fans with the new film as they release its latest trailer. What’s more is that the trailer features Chinese (Simplified, Hong Kong, Taiwanese), English, Korean, and French subtitles. This means that the staff will indeed release the film internationally as well.

As the trailer shows, it “Rise of the Red Comet” will feature plenty of familiar faces from the 1979 original. This includes Bright Noah, Mirai, Frau, and of course, Amuro Ray himself. The film will focus on the aftermath of the events from the 5th film, “Clash at Loum”. It will then lead to the events which kick off the original 1979 anime’s setting.

The film will make its Japanese premiere on 6th May 2018. Meanwhile, for its international release, the new trailer reveals that it will premiere in “Early Summer 2018”.