I’ve worked in the food service industry, and I’ve learned that overstocking items can be a nightmare. The people in-charge of ordering have to be extra careful to be precise in their orders so the restaurant/store won’t have excess waste.

However, this incident happened to one 7-eleven store in Japan, as they ordered 87 meat sauce pasta lunches. Now, this item is tomato-based and has meat, which means that its at risk of spoiling faster than other food items. And 87 is a lot, so what did the chain convenience store do? Put an anime girl on the verge of tears and ask customers to buy one.



“We slipped up and made the mistake of ordering 87 meat sauce pasta lunches. That’s why our store’s aggressively promoting them. Please…! Please help us out…!”

And it seems that the employee responsible for overstocking is the one who wrote the message. It seems to be working though, as customers somehow want to buy one because of the poor anime girl crying.

The same thing also happened to a Family Mart as well. However, instead of ordering too much pasta, they’ve overstocked on baumkuchen, a layered cake snack.


“Please help me, customer. I placed an order of six baumkuchen but it turned out to be 60. Please buy some of them. The baumkuchen’s layers peel off so beautifully that it feels good to do so. I hope those who love tearing them off one by one will buy it.”

source: Sora News 24