One of the most popular “Detective Conan” supporting characters — Toru Amuro, is getting his very own spin-off series on this week’s edition of Japanese comic magazine Shounen Sunday (out 9th May 2018). Entitled “Zero no Teatime”, the comic sheds light on the “triple face” of Toru Amuro, his police persona Rei Furuya, and his Black Organization codename Bourbon.

© Takahiro Arai / Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan / NTV

The spin-off manga is written and drawn by Takahiro Arai of “Darren Shan”, “AR∀GO”, and “Tenshou no Quadrable” fame, based on the original character created by Gosho Aoyama.

A popular character amongst many fans of “Detective Conan”, Toru Amuro is voiced in the anime series by veteran actor Toru Furuya, who also played Rei Amuro in the original Gundam series. And yes, it’s a much-beloved trivia tidbit that his pseudonyms are a combination of Toru Furuya and Rei Amuro’s names.

© Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan / NTV

Even more interestingly, Toru Amuro’s chief rival Shuichi Akai also has a Gundam connection: Detective Conan author Aoyama took the character’s surname name from Char Aznable’s nickname “The Red Comet”, and took his first name from Char Aznable’s voice actor Shūichi Ikeda.