A special event for the first day screening of the hide 20th Memorial Film Project “HURRY GO ROUND” will be held at the Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku Cinema 1 on 26th May 2018. The event will welcome special guests Yuma Yamoto, I.N.A.(hide with Spread Beaver), Director Tomoaki Ishikawa, and 乃木坂46(NOGIZAKA46) member Rina Ikoma.

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“HURRY GO ROUND” was produced as part of the “hide 20th Memorial Project”, which is being organized to honor seminal Japanese rock star hide, who passed away 20 years ago. Yamamoto served as the narrator of the film, which was co-produced by I.N.A. and directed by Ishikawa. Ikoma is on board as a representative of hide’s longtime fans.

If you’re one of the loyal fans who still hold a membership to hide’s fan club, you have until 20th May 2018, 23:59 to join the lottery for tickets to the special event.